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What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) bridges the gap between farmers and the people.  It is a way for smaller, local farms to compete against their big-business competitors by offering a share of the coming season’s harvest to anyone who has an interest in eating healthier, tastier and smarter food.  Generally speaking, the farmer grows organic produce for his or her community of people and will divide the harvest among the ‘shareholders’.

As a member you will enjoy this list of benefits:

* Starting on or around May 1st – for 25 weeks, you will receive a weekly box of fresh, organic produce via the dropoff location of your choice: on Saturdays at the world famous Market Square Farmers’ Market in downtown Knoxville, TN or at west Knoxville’s premier natural living store, Benefit Your Life, on Campbell Station Rd on Wednesdays.

*Coinciding with every box, we will post recipes and videos on this blog showing you how to be creative with your veggie box.  And some weeks, you might find some other tasty surprises inside.

*In addition to getting a weekly supply of delicious produce, you can go to sleep feeling better about yourself knowing that you are a part of the best thing to happen to our country since Jazz music.

Here’s a list of what we will be trying to grow this season:


“Olympia” Spinach

“Flash” Collards

“Perfection” Fennel

“Kyoto Mizuna” Mustard Greens

“Winter Density” Romaine

“China Express” Cabbage

“Sylvetta” Wild Arugula

Mild Mesclun Blend

“Dwarf Siberian” Kale

“Bright Lights” Swiss Chard

“Dark Green Italian” Parsley

“Ruby Ball” Cabbage

“Green Wave” Mustard

“Rogue De Grenoblouse” Lettuce

“Winter Density” Lettuce

“Red Burgandy” Okra

“Twinkle” Eggplant

“Golden Honeymoon” Melon

“Sugar Baby” Watermelon

“Hale’s Best 45” Melon

“Jack Be Little” Pumpkin

“Jarrahdale” Pumpkins

“Musquee de Provence” Pumpkins

“Vegetable Spaghetti” Winter Squash

“Giambo” Summer Squash

“Buttercup” Squash

“Rogosa Violina Gioia” Squash

“Ancho Magnifico” Peppers

“California Wonder” Green Bell Pepper

“Jamaican Hot Chocolate” Hot Pepper

“Fatalli” Hot Pepper

“Pimiento” Sweet Bell Pepper

“Touchstone Gold” Beets

“Chioggia” Beets

“Bull’s Blood” Beets

“Purple Top White Globe” Turnips

“Stupice” Early Tomato

“Cherokee Purple” Heirloom Tomato

“Super Marzano” Saucing Tomato

“Sweet Million” Cherry Tomato

“Gill’s All Purpose” Early Red Tomato

“Big Beef” Slicing Tomato

“Henderson’s Pink Ponderosa” Heirloom Tomato

“Spear’s Tennessee Green” Green Tomato

“Big Zebra” Tomato

“Southern Comet” Broccoli

“Early Purple Sprouting” Broccoli

“Easter Egg Blend” Radishes

“Red Meat” Radishes

“Purple Ruffles” Basil

“Long Island Mammoth” Dill

Sweet Basil

“Nantes” Carrots

“Yaya” Carrots

“Purple Haze” Carrots

“Cobham Improved Marrow” Parsnips

“Sunrich Lemon” Sunflowers

“Kong” Sunflowers

“Mammoth Russian” Sunflower

“Red Burgundy” Okra

“Japanese Long” Cucumber

“Marketmore 76” Cucumber

“Alaska Mix” Nasturtium

“Harlequin” Marigold

“Heavenly Blue” Morning Glory

“Pearly Gates” Morning Glory

“Scarlet” Cardinal Climber

“Royal Carpet” Asylum


Baby’s Breath

Convent Garden

“Jubilee Gem” Cornflower

“Bright Lights” Cosmos

“Sensation” Cosmos

“Double Gaiety” Dianthus

“Sweet n’ Yellow” Marigold

“Giant Imperial” Scabiosa

“Giant Flowered” Zinnia

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