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Who We Are

Greenfingers Farm is like many others popping up across the nation. Unimpressed by the ways of industrial agriculture, a younger generation is trying to patch a few things together that seem to have been lost along the way in America’s food culture. We love Knoxville. We want to see Knoxville become an even better place. Greenfingers is committed to building a community of people. People who eat. People who care about what they eat.  Then providing that community with access to fresh, local, and seasonal produce.

Gregg Baird and Brian Strutz are business partners.  They are farming because they want to make millions of dollars and have their faces appear on US Weekly.  They drive fancy cars and at least one of them is married.  In their spare time they enjoy playing chess, eating, and looking at seed catalogs.  Please support them. I know I will.

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