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July 22, 2010

Lots of tomatoes are going around right now and it seems like everybody has a friend who’s growing some.  We are growing some too.  We’re also growing other stuff.  Some of that stuff went into your bags this week like okra, potatoes, and shallots for example.  And are you wondering what the yellow powder was?  It’s a madras curry powder.  I thought it would be a good week for a curry recipe.  But to make matters a little more exciting, you’ll have a recipe for naan too.  Here’s the lowdown on your curry and naan. 

1 pile of cleaned/dried/sliced okra
1 pile of peeled/quartered/sliced or diced potatoes
1 large tomato cored and diced
5 shallots chopped (our shallots are small, this is why I’m saying 5)
1 1/2 tsp of curry powder
1 cup of water – maybe more
salt and pepper to taste
Canola oil

Fry okra in 2 tbl of canola oil, until golden brown – season with salt.  Set aside on paper towel.  Add a touch more oil and throw your potatoes in and cook for 5-10 minutes stirring INfrequently so the potatoes will get some color.  Throw in your shallots and toss around to cook the shallots for a minute.  Now put okra back in the pan and add the curry powder.  Toss around and cook for a minute to toast the spices.  Now add your tomatoes and water.  Bring to a boil then drop to a simmer and cook until the potatoes are fork tender (maybe just 6 more minutes).  Season with a pinch of salt and serve over some Indian rice like basmati. 


3 cups unbleached AP flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp of kosher or sea salt
1/2 cup buttermilk room temp
about 1 cup of warm water
melted butter for brushing
rock salt for sprinkling (use any salt – I used fleur de sel though)
Parchment paper and foil

Combine flour, baking powder and salt in large bowl thoroughly.  Add buttermilk and quickly stir in – flour will still be very dry with a few wet places.  Gradually add a few tbl of warm water over mixture – stirring as you go until a ball forms.  It will probably be about a cup of water total.  Knead for a minute or two – should be fairly wet, but have confidence in the dough.  Don’t continue to add flour to it.  You want it to be somewhat wet.  Separate into four round portions and brush with melted butter, cover with plastic wrap, and let sit for 30 min.  Now place a pizza stone on your grill and turn it on the highest setting.  You will want your grill as close to 600-700 degrees as possible.  Meanwhile, lightly flour your countertop and stretch the naan out to roughly 4 to 6 inches patties – slapping between the palms of your hands at times.  Sprinkle rock salt over and gently press in dough.  Lay each flat disc in between pieces of parchment.  When grill is hot, open lid and lay down one round disc of naan (salted side facing the pizza stone) and close the lid.  Don’t open it for another 2-3 min.  After 3 min or so, open lid and flip the naan over and close it again.  Cook for another minute or so on this side and take out of grill – brush with butter, sprinkle with some more salt, and tuck inside a foil pouch to keep warm while your repeat this process with the next 3.  Enjoy this tasty bread with your curry and some delicious rice.

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  1. Sally permalink
    July 22, 2010 8:29 am

    Hey, Brian, I added a stalk of fennel, sliced and diced into very small pieces, to my curry because I thought I was supposed to. It was delicious! The fennel is so tasty — do you have any other suggestions for using it? The naan looks wonderful.

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