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Week 3 – In the Kitchen

June 4, 2010

 “Greens.  What  should we do with boring greens?… pork fat is always good. But what if we want something healthier?  And for crying out loud, can we make them so we don’t have to pour vinegar all over?”

                                                                —-Nobody.  I made it up.

 Spicy Asian Greens

0 – 8 Dried Chilli peppers (I used 3 peppers cut in half and some of the seeds removed)
Julienned piece of ginger (about the size of a golf ball)
2 garlic cloves sliced
1 red spring onion sliced thinly into discs
Pinch of salt
Couple large handfuls of greens (turnip greens if you have them), washed, de-stemmed, and cut into strips.
1/3 cup of Mirin (Asian Rice wine) or you can use white wine/chicken stock/veg stock/ any stock…
Drizzle of Oil (I used grapeseed but Sesame oil would be great)

Heat oil in medium high heat pan.  Toss in dried chillis, garlic, onion, and ginger and sauté for a minute or so.  Next, add the greens to the pan and stir around to coat with the mixture.  After 30 seconds or so while pan is still hot, pour in the Mirin and stir around the pan to scrape up any pieces stuck to the bottom.  Sprinkle with a conservative amount of salt (conservative because this will shrink down considerably and you won’t need as much as you think). Now put the lid on the pan and turn the heat down to low and let cook for about 15 minutes.  Check the greens halfway and stir, if they look dried out – you can add some more wine, water, or stock to moisten the pan.  The greens should take about 15-20 minutes.

More delicate greens like Swiss Chard or Spinach don’t need to be cooked long AT ALL.  Get a hot pan with some oil and toss the greens around quickly.  I wouldn’t cook chard for more than 20 seconds in a hot pan… toss in some acid like lemon juice and you’re good to go. 

These Asian greens would be great served with some pan seared fish and rice.  The trick to pan searing fish is as follows:

*Hot Pan
*Dry Fish
*High smoke point oil (safflower, grapeseed, veg oil, light olive oil)
*Don’t force the fish from releasing off the pan, it will come off when it’s ready to
*Good fish spatula 

So yeah… I guess that’s the HDHDG rule. I should really be writing this stuff down.


Btw, I cooked these greens naked.  I don’t recommend doing that after all.

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