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Box 2

May 27, 2010

Week 2 es terminado. 

In your fashionable Greenfingers Farm bags, you will find several goodies.  This week we pulled the whole onions out of the ground along with green tops.  In addition to these spring onions, there are more French Breakfast radishes, a bag of Bloomsdale spinach, Winter Density Lettuce, Salad Bowl red lettuce, European Blend cutting lettuce, and Kyoto Mizuna mustard.   If you have never tasted mizuna before… great!  It’s a japanese mustard and it’s best eaten raw.  You will taste the bitterness right away, but it’s a nice contrast in a salad with some sweetness.

Some notes on the farm: We’re happy to see our carrots getting bigger and seemingly suitable for our soil.  Squashes and cukes are flowering.  We have successfully successively planted 5 – 50 foot rows of tomatoes and the first two rows have some early tomatoes growing.  We put our eggplant plants in the ground two days ago.  Our yukon golds have formed some nice looking early potatoes already and we’re considering an early harvest on some.  Our onions look solid and the shallots!  Love the shallots….For every shallot bulb planted, we have seen 4-6 new bulbs form off of it…. seriously can’t wait for the shallots.  We had a wimpy crop of mustard greens, chard, and collards.  We’re expecting 2 harvest weeks for the collards, one for the chard, and none for the mustards.  😦   These are all more suitable for growing in the fall though. 

We’re learning a lot… stuff you can’t read in books and we’re thankful every day that we get to do this.  And as always, thank you for eating our food and supporting us.


post script: we WILL start putting more pictures up soon. okay? got it. great.

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  1. May 30, 2010 3:42 pm

    Love it sounds amazing hopefully I will make it to the farm sooon

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