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Box 2 – In the Kitchen

May 27, 2010

Spring Onion and Spinach Frittata

-1 large or 2 small spring onions thinly sliced into discs – separate green part from white
-Good handful of spinach
-2/3 cup of bacon cut into small pieces (leave out or substitute sausage, turkey bacon, chorizo… bla bla bla whatever you’d like… It’ll be good)
-10 eggs or so whisked with salt & a few squirts of half & half, milk OR cream (whatever’s in the fridge)
-Cheese – any kind of cheese you want.  I like a creamy chevre, but feta, ricotta, cheddar, anything could work
-Salt & Pepper

Turn broiler on in the oven and set the rack to the second highest position.

If you’re using bacon, render it on medium- low heat in a dry nonstick/ovenproof pan.  Remove bacon or other meat from pan when cooked and set aside.  Reserve a tablespoon of the leftover fat for cooking your onion and spinach in.  Wipe the pan clean and add your reserved fat to the same pan at medium heat.  Throw your spring onions (white parts) into the fat and toss around for a minute or so until onions are slightly softened.  Pinch some salt and crack some pepper into the onions then add your spinach to the pan.  It will wilt quickly shuffle it around.  After the spinach has wilted down, but not cooked to death, add your bacon back to the pan and evenly spread everything out.  Now pour your egg mixture over the spinach/bacon/onions and begin cooking on medium heat.  Using a silicone spatula, softly pull the eggs away from the sides of the pan to encourage even cooking.  After a couple of minutes, the eggs will begin to set.  It will still be very runny on the top, but it will look a little scrambled and places and runny in others… you will see what I mean.  Now add the cheese to the top.  If it can be sprinkled, just sprinkle it on.  If it’s a soft cheese, just spoon out little globs on the top of the mixture.  Next, place under the broiler in the oven until eggs are cooked through.  You will know it’s finished when the center is no longer runny.  It may take 5 minutes.  Watch it carefully though, because a broiler can turn something black right before your eyes in a second.  

Pull the pan out of the oven and set aside to cool for 3 minutes or so… it will continue cooking a little so you will have to gauge it with your senses.  Top the frittata with chopped green onions and serve with a bottle of Sriracha.  Eat this for breakfast lunch or dinner.  Get creative with it too…  It’s a fundamental cooking technique, with endless combinations, but the trick to this recipe is a good nonstick/ovenproof skillet.  The frittata should slide out of the pan with a little help from a spatula.     

There should never be stress in a kitchen.  If it doesn’t turn out like you hope, chin up and try again another time.  These recipes aren’t always exact, but that’s perfectly ok.  Experiment with new ingredients and relax.  Play some reggae music if you have to. Open a window.  Cook naked.  Do what you gotta do.

until next week.

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