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March 4, 2010

Well, we are full. We set a number in our heads of how many shares we would sell, and we are there. Thanks to everyone who signed up, and we look forward to getting to know all of you this year and providing you with some veggies. To those of you who didn’t get a chance with us, fret not. We are EXTREME newbies, therefore we aren’t positive of the amount of output we’ll be yielding, so we’ve had conversations about opening subscriptions back up maybe in the middle of the season and pro rating it. If you’re still interested, send us an email,, and just say, “Put me on the waitlist!” Again, first come first serve. We’ll also hold this over to next year in case some of our members this year decide a CSA isn’t for them, and there happen to be vacancies next year, this list will carry over for that. All this is assuming we don’t completely screw this up and have some semblance of success. Not to cast doubt in your mind or anything.


Am I pumped about the fact that we have people who want to buy from us? Your call . . .

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  1. March 4, 2010 9:04 pm

    Waaahoooo. Hope we see you guys on what is supposed to be a fantastic weekend. No doubt in my mind :).

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