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January 5, 2010

Well, I figured there ought to be something on this page, so here’s what we’re up to . . .

We’ve finally got a place that we know we’re going to be farming this summer, so that is comforting. Just thinking about it now already makes me a bit sentimental. It’s roughly an acre out in South Knoxville. It’s sloping, south facing, quiet, has a little bit of a view, and wonderful. We’ve been getting together in the mornings to run through seed catalogs and figure out how much we’re going to produce. Even this is time consuming, and we’re realizing how much we have to learn. But we’re learning. We also met some nice people, August and Morel, working on a farm north of Knoxville that were excited for us and, frankly, it just felt good to talk to someone about the Knoxville farming “scene”.

We’ve also been trying to get a logo figured out. Our friend Jonny Stovall made us a super fly logo. It’s at the top.

I went and bought tools today. Two shovels, two rakes, two pitchforks, and such. His and hers. Ha. I got home and sanded the handles of the shovels and then put on a coat of linseed oil. It made me feel legit. Also, looks like my dining room is going to be where we start some of our seed, to later transplant. I’m thankful to be able to be doing this.

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